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Eleuthero Root
Eleuthero Root is a shrub that grows in Siberia, China, Korea and Japan. The dried root and other underground parts are used for many health benefits. Eleuthero Root was formerly known as Siberian Ginseng since it resembles Panax Ginseng but does not belong to the same type of herb family. Eleuthero Root Benefits: Eleuthero Root can increase norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. Because of this benefit, supplementing with Eleuthero can increase the ability to focus. This also helps aid in energy production. Users have reported feeling uplifted when supplementing with Eleuthero . Due to this supplement's antioxidant properties, it protects neurons from damage. Eleuthero Root aids in immune system function and can reduce inflammation . Eleuthero and Weight Control Eleuthero may reduce blood glucose levels which in turn can help to promote weight loss . Eleuthero Root outperforms Panax Ginseng when it comes to it's anti-fatigue effects. Eleuthero Root increases work load capacity and improves stamina . Eleuthero Side Effetcs While side effects are rare when taken as directed, some individuals have reported drowsiness, headache and nervousness. Eleuthero Root Dosage: Individuals should take one 1.25cc scoop(300mg) up to three times daily. Try the minimum dosage to check tolerance level.

Emoxypine Succinate
Emoxypine succinate is a newer nootropic that is gaining popularity. There is still much to discover about this nootropic, but current studies show promise. This product is used to promote stress reduction and increase blood flow. Benefits of Emoxypine Emoxypine succinate offers anti-depressive, dermaprotective, and stress reducing. Studies also show emoxypine improves the cognitive function and brain health of patients with mental damage and disorders by increasing mitochondrial oxygen consumption . Several studies found that emoxypine increases the average blood flow in patients with heart trouble, while also reducing oxidative stress. A three month study found that long term use of emoxypine helps improve vision by way of increasing blood flow to the retinal artery. Emoxypine Succinate Dosage The recommended dosage for emoxypine succinate is 130mg. There are no noted side effects for this nootropic

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