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  • Shes Back At It
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrSarah is finally back playing games, I mean I did buy her a bunch of games on steam to play and built here this nice pc for gaming. It seems to me that I’ve been using it more then she has, so now she has decided to put some time into using it rather […]

  • Modified Sine Wave or Pure Sine Wave Inverter?
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrThese question comes upĀ  a lot in DIY Solar Power Blogs and the answer is simple, what is the application ? Are you going to be running things like new expensive LED’s, TV’s, Microwaves etc… ” Delicate electronics “? Or are you going to be running things like older TV’s and motors with brushes […]

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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrHey guys, below is a brief introduction to how I wire up some of my battery packs and also included is a little information. If you want click on the images and you can save them for later reference or to view larger.   Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2    

  • DIY Li-ion Battery Bank Project
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrHey guys Jason here, today is the day I’m beginning to blog about my Projects! So I figured I’d start off with the progress of my DIY Li-ion Battery Bank project, which is going good so far. Today, I got my Potek Power Inverter in the mail and I actually just got down shooting […]

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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrHey guys, It’s been a while since my last blog post but I’ve been extremely busy with health issues and content creating and brainstorming. I’ve recently came across and created a few accounts for future and present purposes. Which I’ll add the channels in a tab on the site here, but I’ve been […]

  • New Camera
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrSo I recently bought a DSLR off of Letgo, everything works just the battery charger is broke and the battery went dead. So now I’m waiting on a new charger and 2 new batteries to come either tomorrow or Monday, it sucks but atleast I got the camera that I wanted at a cheaper […]

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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrToday I picked up a 22-inch Hp monitor that is amazing along with a Harmon Kardon Subwoofer System for my PC all for $10! Wallapop is where I got it and believe me that app is better then Craigslist any day, I’ve actually sold a lot on there successfully. Tonight I have a lot […]

  • I’m back in action
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrHey guys so I ran into some financial troubles and health issues, however I’m back sorta! More content will follow through the next couple weeks.

  • Updates
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrRight now for the moment content production has come to a stand still, I am in the midst of some health problems and financial difficulties. In 2-3 months I see a clearer road ahead for GBD in which time content will be back in full swing, for now please join the forums and start […]