Geek Brain Dump was created by Jason Goyette as a place for like minded people and fans to view Jason’s work all in one place! Jason also created a Submit page to allow other creators to submit there work for the website all of which is credited and managed by the original artists! If your a Geek at heart you will find this site the place for you to Read, Watch, Interact, Create and Meet New like minded individuals like yourself. We have many topics to choose from, all of which Jason is passionate about and has a lot to say.


From Jason

I am a geek at heart, so you can imagine how hard this is to explain all the things that I do. First lets start off with my eBooks I have a passion for writing futuristic/syfy books which takes a lot of time and motivation, My first syfy eBook is called Revolution Before Evolution and its still a working progress. I do however have a few other eBooks relating to Business, Youtube, Ghosts and Aliens.

Secondly I also produce video content on several channels, which all content produced on all channels will be available for Patrons. The videos that I produce are as follows, Technology, Tutorials, Unboxing, Tech Reviews, Vlogs, Action Videos, News, Entertainment, Nootropics, Experiments, Computer Builds and Gaming. Now producing all this content can be overwhelming at times, however it is something that I am also passionate about, so I will continue to produce content until there is no platform available for me to share it.

Thirdly my websites, I have many sites which some are devoted to the above productions. I enjoy writing/blogging so I have a few sites dedicated to that, which can be found here  NewsInGeneral , HivemindHacks and Members Hivemindhacks Now for future projects I have jasongoyette.com, thenootropicking.com and thediabeticgeek.com  .

Now all of the future projects are at the moment redirects to my content. For me it would be hard to put all my content into one place due to the fact that I produce a wide range of content and have a passion for it. I am thinking about putting all my content into one place which is here GeekBrainDump.net , more coming soon to the site.

Lastly, I really enjoy researching various topics which include Conspiracies, Smart Drugs, Neurosciences, Futuristic Technologies, Astronomy, Astrobiology, Bio Chemistry, Archaeology, Health and a whole host of other fields.

Support I receive from Members and Patrons will be put into these expenses

1 . Geek Week Series
2 . Videos
3 . Podcast
4 . Domain Costs
5 . Hosting Costs
6 . Writers
7 . Equipment i.e Microphones, Cameras, Lighting, Servers, Networking
8 . Software Costs
9 . Availability for Patrons Access
10. Research Costs


If you are interested in working with Jason or Volunteering please contact him at Contact@geekbraindump.net with details on what you can provide for GBD!



Milestone Goals

Purchase Equipment
$1,000 per month
Equipment that is desperately needed to product high quality content for you!
$3,000 per month
I will also be able to register GBD as a Company and employ others under the name GeekBrainDump LLC
Support the Supporters
$5,000 per month
I will be able to support those who have the same entrepreneurial mind as I do, which will also enable GeekBrainDump to grow and meet or possible employ great minds.
Grand Opening of GBD LLC Office
$10,000 per month
This will be the ultimate goal one of which I’ve had for many years!
Reaching this milestone will enable GeekBrainDump LLC to open its first office in Orlando, Florida
Content production will be more professional then ever.