Modified Sine Wave or Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

These question comes upĀ  a lot in DIY Solar Power Blogs and the answer is simple, what is the application ?

  1. Are you going to be running things like new expensive LED’s, TV’s, Microwaves etc… ” Delicate electronics “?
  2. Or are you going to be running things like older TV’s and motors with brushes ” Simple electronics “?

If you answered Yes to the first question then your going to need to stick with a Pure sine wave inverter! The electronics that are required are more delicate then what simpler devices have so running them off a Pure Sine Wave will protect your electronics from over heating or not working at all.

If you answered Yes to the second question then your fine with just a modified sine wave inverter, however you may get away with running certain Chargers and other electronics even TV’s, but do so at your own risk! Modified inverters are used for devices that don’t have delicate electronics inside, because they may pick up on the choppy signal and produce a hum or even over heat. Modified sine wave inverters are also less efficient and produce a higher harmonic distortion! Below is a graph of Modified and Pure sine waves


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