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  • Modified Sine Wave or Pure Sine Wave Inverter?
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrThese question comes upĀ  a lot in DIY Solar Power Blogs and the answer is simple, what is the application ? Are you going to be running things like new expensive LED’s, TV’s, Microwaves etc… ” Delicate electronics “? Or are you going to be running things like older TV’s and motors with brushes […]

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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrHey guys, below is a brief introduction to how I wire up some of my battery packs and also included is a little information. If you want click on the images and you can save them for later reference or to view larger.   Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2    

  • DIY Li-ion Battery Bank Project
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    Share this…DiggFacebookGoogle+TwitterRedditTumblrHey guys Jason here, today is the day I’m beginning to blog about my Projects! So I figured I’d start off with the progress of my DIY Li-ion Battery Bank project, which is going good so far. Today, I got my Potek Power Inverter in the mail and I actually just got down shooting […]