Hey guys, It’s been a while since my last blog post but I’ve been extremely busy with health issues and content creating and brainstorming. I’ve recently came across Vid.me and created a few accounts for future and present purposes. Which I’ll add the channels in a tab on the site here, but I’ve been wanting to talk about my Kodi build with everyone although I think Kodi may be go under soon, which would suck cause my build is finished I’m just having problems with Godaddy hosting and getting Kodi to find the Repo Source file on the web server.


Any help would be awesome, anyway the build I’m working on is going to be called Mega Build and what I’m thinking is this build be mainly targeted for high end systems with 4GB of ram or more and a good Processor. I use most of my Kodi builds on Computers etc.. and the speed is awesome, no stuttering addons and load times, which is why I don’t like the Firestick or even the Nvidia Shield for that matter! I mean whats the sense in buying a device that I can’t upgrade its hardware?


Anyways I’ve gotta get back to some work I’ve been doing for NewsInGeneral

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