Today I picked up a 22-inch Hp monitor that is amazing along with a Harmon Kardon Subwoofer System for my PC all for $10! Wallapop is where I got it and believe me that app is better then Craigslist any day, I’ve actually sold a lot on there successfully. Tonight I have a lot to do and have another sleepless night! My fiance Sarah works from midnight to 7a.m so I make sure to get some sleep throughout the day and when she gets home so that we have time to do are routines during the day. I’ve been handing out business cards like crazy to help bring home the bacon, it started off very good and has died down a little. This Thursday I’m going out to Sarah’s co-workers house to have dinner and fix a laptop for $50. I’m trying to get some stuff shipped out for someone that bought my MTG collection, but the post office is being a ass so I have to get a different box then the flat rate ones because of the label.

Busy for me is good because I’m either getting my health in the right directions or working and only having little time for hanging with friends but its work it in the long run!

Well I’m afraid I’ve got to run and get this posted. Check out my Monitor below it also rotates to portrait mode.


20160220_200337                          20160220_200358




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