Hey guys so I was searching up things on the internet and came across this lady who is black, she was basically calling this white woman racist because she had said to her son to ” Wait One Cotton Picking Minute”. Now with all the racial issues going on today I figured I’d bring up something here, many people would think that what she said was a racial remark because of how black people would be out in the fields picking cotton, however after I did some digging around I found that the original meaning is this.

Cotton takes a while to pick, more than a minute, so the term means to wait more than just 1 minute because cotton would take a little over a minute to pick, the phrase has nothing to do with black people or race. I have becoming more aware of how black people are ready to pounce at a moments notice when something is said pertaining to them, whether good or bad or not even directly. It’s getting a bit ridiculous to have to walk on egg shells around other races for fear that you may get beaten or worse.

With all these shootings, race wars etc. going on I think it’s time for me to get me a handgun and take the course for my Conceal Carry Permit and so should you!

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